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16th November 2015

The Social Care Commitment – Do you have what it takes?

The choice as to which care and support route one must follow for any loved one, is a very difficult decision as a tremendous amount of trust has to be placed in the adult social care sector. Due to recent wrongdoings in care homes and hospital organisations, the public feels that a breach of their trust within this sector has been led astray.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that these misdeeds only cover a small percentage of this and there is huge compassion and commitment delivered by those providing care and support to our society. In order to reinforce and highlight these guardians of the health and social care sector, the Department of Health and Skills for Care have established the Social Care Commitment initiative.

The Initiative 7 Statements

The commitment is the sectors promise to provide people who require care and support with high quality services and aims to reiterate that excellence can be a standard. It is compiled of 7 ‘I will…’ statements, with associated tasks, both for employers and their employees to develop and support an effective workforce. Each commitment provides a foundation as to the minimum standards required by service providers.

The aim of the Social Care Commitment is to enhance the public’s confidence in the care sector whilst improving quality widespread. Care and support organisations can make this commitment by agreeing to the 7 statements and selecting tasks to help put those statements into best practice.

Live, Laugh, Love & Learn

Not only does The Social Care Commitment assist care providers by generating evidence that they are meeting the CQC’s Fundamental Standards, but it also highlights and promotes the importance of training and development opportunities in order to recruit and identify individuals who share similar values and a passion to uphold dignity, development and whistleblowing within the social care industry.

This pledge will not only improve quality of the workforce but it will also aid to improve the care and support sectors by raising expectations and rebuilding the public’s confidence.

Due to the growing need to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse and ageing population, high quality and standards of care need to be at the forefront of all care provider’s ethos. The social care commitment initiative is one of the steps in achieving this and people can identify providers who have the same ideologies by simply looking for the Social Care Commitment logo, demonstrating that the chosen provider is committed to exhibiting the right values and ethics.

The Social Care Commitment is fully supported by the Minister for Community and Social Care Alistair Burt and the Department of Health, and the registration process is simple, all you need to do is visit

QCS's Commitment

The commitment is core to QCS’s ethos and we believe this initiative can really benefit our clients. As stated by Helen Simpson, Careers and Core Skills Programme Manager for Skills for Care:

“The Social Care Commitment is the sector’s promise to deliver high quality services to those who need care and support. After just two years, Skills for Care is thrilled that over 3,000 employers have already signed up to the Social Care Commitment. Recent research has shown that 93% of those who have made the commitment would recommend it to other providers, which is testament to how useful a tool it is. It is also great to see that organisations like Quality Compliance Systems Ltd are promoting it to all of their customers. This is a sector owned initiative, so it is wonderful to see that all parts of the sector and getting involved and promoting the commitment and its benefits.”

Make the change, make the commitment …

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