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17th November 2021

Wellbeing Training for Managers

As part of our ongoing series aimed at building a better social care workforce, today we focus on why wellbeing and resilience are key components for any care manager who works under pressure. Laura Wood explains.

As managers within Health and Social Care , we would all agree that as well as ensuring that the people we support are safe and well, our leadership skills have been required to lead staff through an extremely challenging 18 months.

However, it isn’t always easy to identify factors which affect the vulnerability of staff. Enhancing the skills and competencies of managers in this area is more important than ever. This can enable managers to identify staff who are perhaps less resilient and take practical action to minimise potential risks and enhance wellbeing and satisfaction in the workplace. This in turn, will have a positive impact on the people we support.

Wellbeing courses, which are also sometimes referred to as resilience training or coaching are designed to help managers spot the early warning signs of increased vulnerability in their team members and proactively manage the risk of stress and mental ill health. It has been developed around a practical framework that managers can use to improve the wellbeing of individuals who work for them.

There are many different providers who offer training and support however this should cover:

  • Work pressures and demands
  • Individual characteristics e.g. personality, behaviours, preferences
  • The characteristics of that individual’s line manager e.g. perceived management style, competences
  • Their personal circumstances e.g. significant life events

What are the benefits of wellbeing training for managers?

  • Encourages investment in improved working relationships between managers and their staff
  • The training is positively focused and energising
  • Increases awareness that wellbeing is affected by many factors which can be controlled
  • Improving wellbeing and satisfaction at work enhances health in general, as well as overall performance
  • Managers are equipped with practical tools and frameworks to identify risk and manage wellbeing in the workplace
  • Staff will thank you for investing in them

Wellbeing and resilience are key components for any manager who works under pressure. If the person leading the team learns the value of good mental wellbeing and the benefits of workplace resilience, then this will give them the tools and practical techniques to support themselves and their staff.

Having the skills to continue to work at normal levels through challenging times, enhances a positive attitude mindset which will deal effectively and confidentiality to any workplace or staff related issues and will enable the person to become a more effective and confident leader.

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