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Which Online Recruitment Tools Should You Be Using?

September 25, 2017

From my experience, social care recruiters have leant heavily on Internet Job Boards for finding staff. The more successful have already started to diversify. So, let’s take a look at the five most common online recruitment options and my verdict on each:

Internet Job Boards

Not long ago I couldn’t find an employer out there that wasn’t using an online job board. Increasingly I am seeing spend being reduced or stopped altogether by providers on what was once the darling of the care recruitment scene. Internet Job Boards are now saturated with social care advertisers and deliver a generally poor candidate quality.

VERDICT: On the wane.

Facebook Recruitment Tools

After a wobbly start, care providers are getting in to social recruiting and not before time. Very low cost, great targeting but be ready to respond quickly seven days a week and be creative with your messages. Don’t forget not everything has to be a ‘help wanted’ ad. It’s also a great platform to brand-build in your local community.

VERDICT: On the rise, but demands more of you.

Your Website

Of course, applicants to your website are prompted to visit by some other stimulus and that is the true source we need to discover. Many care websites focus entirely on selling to prospective clients or residents, when we have no shortage of those. At least 50% of your website real estate should be talking to prospective employees. Shouldn’t it, since that is the limiter to growth?

VERDICT: A big opportunity to improve conversions.

CV Search

Huge databases of CVs to search from the comfort of your desk sounds like a convenient and targeted way of finding staff. However, this method is frustrating, time-consuming and can be expensive. The most useful aspect is that you can spot your own staff who update their CV and then intervene to stop them leaving before it is too late.

VERDICT: Poor return for your money, time and effort.

Google AdWords

This should have been a panacea for care recruiters: highly targeted adverts appearing on specific Google search results. While I hear some reports of reasonable volume, mostly it’s not and quality remains variable. You also need to spend time and money to master it. Unrealistic for most, so third-party agencies are usually curating on your behalf. This adds a layer of cost and possibly contractual commitment.

VERDICT: What a shame.

In the next post, I’ll begin to look at offline sources. Online, the story is all about the emergence of Facebook as providers get more confident with the platform. Social recruiting is where online is going. It’s time to get on the bus.

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Neil Eastwood

Author and Recruitment Specialist


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