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19th August 2020

Access Rights & Using the Apps

Now more than ever, Rachel Linfoot, as a Dental Practice Manager, recognises the need for a high-quality compliance system. A management system that allows her to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing Coronavirus guidance, and most importantly keep her staff and patients safe. 

Last week, Rachel shared with us how she utilises the reading list with her team. Today, Rachel is going to talk to us the difference between standard and power users and how you can manage their access to the system. 

Access Rights

This week I decided to look at the ‘My Staff’ section and in particular access rights.

I began by adding my team members to the system, this was really easy to do and took me about ten minutes. There is an option to add people individually or as part of a group. Once their details were added, I chose a password and entered their email addresses, so they can receive alerts about reading lists and tasks.

In this section you can manage job titles, create new teams and add new staff members.

At this point you can also choose the users access rights. This is a part I will find very useful as a Practice Manager.

Standard Users and Power Users

As a standard user, employees can only see policies and procedures. I would suggest using standard user access for your non management team. There is also the option to make team members a power user.

Power users have full access to the system and can manage other users and update the organisation profile.

You can change the user status at any point, for example you get a new manager, or roles change within the practice you may require team members to have full access.

I chose to create a management team with the practice owners and myself, a great way to make sure we are all up to date with policies as we don’t have much time during the day to organise these things. Very useful!

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