Residential Services: Residential Services CQC Compliance Management

  • Compliant under The Care Act 2014 and The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) Regulations 2014
  • Policies & Toolkits created by the UK’s leading knowledge experts, combined with up to 8,500 personalised pieces of information about your organisation.
  • Save Time — How long would it take you to create and update up to 168 pages of guidance?
  • All of your policies are kept up to date and accessible 24/7 online and through your mobile app by all of your staff.

Care homes have a need to provide what is broadly described as ‘residential services’. This encompasses Hotel Services, Catering and Maintenance, areas which contain important policies and procedures. The QCS Residential Services Module brings them together and enables a busy care home manager to fulfil their obligations more quickly and easily while running the home efficiently and compliantly.

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Policies and procedures included in Residential Services package
(only relevant Care provision templates apply)

Simply choose the category:

  • KC01 - Catering Communication and Action Policy and Procedure

    KC02 - Catering Policy and Procedure

    KC04 - Catering Uniforms Policy and Procedure

    KC05 - Food Storage Temperatures Policy and Procedure

    KC07 - Menu Choice Policy and Procedure

    KC08 - Supply of Service User’s Own Food Policy and Procedure

    KH01 - Catering Cleaning Schedule and Audit Policy and Procedure

    KH02 - Catering Hazard Analysis (HACCP) Policy and Procedure

    KH03 - Cross-Contamination between Care and Catering Policy and Procedure

    KH04 - Food Hygiene Policy and Procedure

    KH06 - Personal Hygiene Policy and Procedure

    SC01 - Additional Cleaning Duties

    SC02 - Cleaning Stock Sheet

    SC03 - Dilution of Chemicals Policy and Procedure

    SC04 - Housekeeping Communication and Action

    SC05 - Housekeeping Policy and Procedure

    SL01 - Dry Cleaning Record

    SL02 - Laundry Communication and Action

    SL03 - Laundry Policy and Procedure

    SL04 - Laundry Safety Checklist

    SL05 - Linen Stock Sheet

    MB01 - Accommodation Standards Policy and Procedure

    MB02 - Maintenance Communication and Action Policy and Procedure

    MB03 - Maintenance Policy and Procedure

    MB05 - Security Policy and Procedure

    MB06 - Visiting Contractors Policy and Procedure

    ME02 - Legionella Policy and Procedure

    ME03 - Lifts and Hoists Policy and Procedure

    ME04 - Room Call Policy and Procedure

    ME05 - Service Equipment Maintenance Policy and Procedure

    MR01 - Electrical Safety Policy and Procedure

    MR02 - Fire Alarm Response Policy and Procedure

    MR03 - Fire Equipment Policy and Procedure

    MR05 - Lift Safety Policy and Procedure

    MR10 - Fire Safety Policy and Procedure

  • QC08 - Care Plan Review

    QK01 - Catering Audit and Action Plan

    QK02 - Catering Management Protocol Policy and Procedure

    QH01 - Housekeeping Audit and Action Plan

    QH02 - Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule and Audit

    QH03 - Housekeeping Management Protocol

    QH04 - Laundry Cleaning Schedule and Audit

    QH05 - Room Cleaning Checklist

    QM01 - Maintenance Audit and Action Plan

    QM02 - Maintenance Management Policy and Procedure

  • GDPR01 - Overarching GDPR Policy and Procedure

    GDPR04 - Initial Privacy Impact Assessment Policy and Procedure

    GDPR02 - Appointing a Data Protection Officer Policy and Procedure

    GDPR10 - Consent Authorisation Policy and Procedure

    GDPR03 - Data Security and Data Retention Policy and Procedure

    GDPR05 - Subject Access Requests Policy and Procedure

    GDPR06 - Breach Notification Policy & Procedure

    GDPR07 - Privacy Notice Policy & Procedure

    GDPR08 - Website Privacy Policy and Procedure

    GDPR09 - Fair Processing Notice Policy and Procedure

    GDPRG01 - Act Now!

    GDPRG02 - Key Terms

    GDPRG03 - Key Principles

    GDPRG04 - Processing Personal Data

    GDPRG05 - Rights of the Data Subject

    GDPRG06 - Transferring Personal Data

    GDPRF01 - Initial Privacy Impact Assessment

    GDPRF02 - Appointment of a Data Protection Officer

    GDPRF08 - Website Privacy Statement

    GDPRF03 - Template Subject Access Request Letter

    GDPRF04 - Cookies Example Policy Statement

    GDPRF09 - Consent Authorisation Form - Person with Capacity

    GDPRF10 - Consent Authorisation Form - Person Lacking Capacity

    GDPRF05 - Template Fair Processing Notice - Employees

    GDPRF06 - Template Fair Processing Notice - External

    GDPRF07 - Breach Notification Process Map

    GDPRF11 - Subject Access Request

    GDPRF12 - Privacy Impact Assessment

Ongoing Support and Guidance for Residential Services

  1. Simple to use

    online interface for all residential services activity

  2. All policies and procedures required

    to manage Catering, Food Hygiene, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Fire Safety

  3. Easy upgrade path

    from the Residential Services Module to the Full Management System

  4. Fully comprehensive approach

    Up to 190 pages with 50+ easy to follow QA policies and procedures, available in Word and PDF

  5. Upload your own documents

    to supplement the system for an even more comprehensive and personalised adult social care compliance tool

  6. Online customisation

    lets you change any of the up to 130+ fields that are customised to your business

  7. Weekly update email

    System compliant or not, number of updated & unread documents, recent staff logins PLUS e-mail notifications for care system updates

  8. Supports QA

    Meets the CQC Definition of Quality Assurance for on-going compliance

  9. Provides compliance

    for residential services under The Health and Social Care Act 2008

  10. Fully customised paperwork

    As required by the CQC, documents are specific to your organisation rather than generic

  11. Peace of mind

    Know you are compliant and that we keep you up to date

Saves Time

How long would it take you to create and update 190 pages of residential services guidance?

Residential Services: Residential Services CQC Compliance Management

Hotel Services

Key policies within Hotel Services include: Cleaning stock sheets, Housekeeping Communication and Action, Laundry Safety and Linen stock sheets.


The QCS Residential Services Module compiles all the essential policies which you need to run a compliant catering service.

The Catering section is divided into two categories: Catering Services and Hygiene. Within these categories there are policies, procedures and checklists for dealing with:

  • Catering Stocks
  • Uniforms
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Menu Choice
  • Cleaning Schedule and Audit
  • Cross Contamination
  • Food Hygiene


The Maintenance section covers Buildings, Equipment, Risk Assessment and Safety. Some of the policies included are: Security, Visiting Contractors, Lifts and Hoists, Legionella, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety. Ideally, this section is read in conjunction with the QCS Health & Safety Module where the aspects of safety which relate to maintenance are discussed.

Case Studies

Many of our clients choose to go ‘on the record’, telling the story of why they selected QCS to solve their problems and how it has helped them to take control of compliance.

  • Customer Care Experience

    This was the first time that I have had any communication with the customer care team, and I must say that the service was first class. Kate, the customer care executive, was extremely knowledgeable and guided us around the system in a most "user friendly" way. During the course of our discussions, Kate became the first person to actually demonstrate to us the value of the QCS system, revealing many aspects of the system's capabilities of we had previously been… Richard
  • Staff have a good knowledge of the…

    Staff have a good knowledge of the system and are happy to spend time with you to get it right Chrsitine
  • Spoke to a lady named Kate who was…

    Spoke to a lady named Kate who was friendly with a great sense of humour. She very simply broke down all the benefits of QCS along with how to access and navigate on the platform. Extremely impressed with the customer service and the reassurance that they are there to help for whatever, whenever! Would recomend this service! Keep up the good work Seun

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