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16th June 2020

Men’s Health Week – Men’s Health checklist

Helen Benfield

Download our Men's Health Checklist here. Download Now 'Take Action on Covid-19' is this year Men's Health Week theme, runs from 15-21...

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06th November 2017

Active Ageing

Tony Clarke Scottish Care Inspectorate Specialist

  When I worked in care homes for older people, an important goal we had was to encourage people to be...

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27th September 2017

Art in Care Homes – Inspiring Residents and Staff to Be Creative

Pamela Holmes Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

The arts can make a powerful difference to someone’s social and health care. The recent All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts,...

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17th July 2017

Record keeping

Sylvie Silver Activities Specialist

What is the best way to record activity provision in a care home? At NAPA we are often asked this question...

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25th May 2017

Not everyone wants to mix all the time

Sylvie Silver Activities Specialist

We run an exercise on our training days that gets participants to work in pairs asking each other a dozen...

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18th May 2017

How many residents should I be left with on my own?

Sylvie Silver Activities Specialist

A guide to safe practice for activity staff. I am frequently left open mouthed when, on training days for activity staff,...

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29th March 2017

Top tips for keeping older people hydrated

Sylvie Silver Activities Specialist

National Food and Hydration Week aims to raise the importance of getting these elements right for all of us. With...

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22nd March 2017

Are we offering group activities that cater for different interests, skills and abilities?

Sylvie Silver Activities Specialist

Activity Planning is a popular topic on our training days. We often have healthy discussions about getting the balance right...

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28th February 2017

Are the staff happy? Top ten indicators for choosing an ‘active’ care home

Sylvie Silver Activities Specialist

I am of an age when friends and acquaintances around me are talking about choosing care settings for a loved...

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15th February 2017

How do we say farewell when residents pass away?

Sylvie Silver Activities Specialist

I have just been reading a chain of Facebook messages about great ways to celebrate a life and say farewell...

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