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Five Ways to Wellbeing in Dementia

June 4, 2020
You may have heard of Five Ways to Wellbeing. Developed by the New Economics Foundation, it is a guide to actions we can all take to improve our physical and…
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Experiencing Dementia from the Inside

June 3, 2020
When we are caring for people living with dementia, we try our best to understand what they might be going through. As we get to know them, we start to…
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Regulatory Returns

October 30, 2019
  Everywhere we look there is the need for information to be gained from us, a simple trip to the shops can often lead to information being given to retailers…
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Oral Care Matters

September 30, 2019
  I’m not fond of having my picture taken, the person holding the camera shouting cheese as everyone gathers round and puts on their best smile can seem like an…
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Regulatory Inspections

July 29, 2019
  I’m not a fan of marmite, the classic slogan of either ‘you love it or hate it’ springs straight to mind and I know what camp I am in.…
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Road to Outstanding

June 13, 2019
  Every year I embark on a journey, an endless tradition to see family over the holiday period which takes a whole lot of planning. It is never just a…
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Tips to achieving Person Centred Care

May 17, 2019
The Personal Touch!  It’s always gratifying to see a personal stamp on something, a uniqueness that resonates with you personally and is something to ultimately be treasured. For people within the social care sector having that personal stamp on the care that is being delivered is paramount and…
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Auditing Matters

April 9, 2019
  I know as I say the word ‘audit’, managers will be getting that cold sweat of anticipation running over them with the overwhelming need to ensure everything is in…
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