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24th July 2020

Good Care Recruitment

Emily Watts Domiciliary Care Policy Lead

During the coronavirus pandemic we have seen countless examples which celebrate the great work being done by the social care...

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19th June 2020

Why should flexible working be encouraged?

Quality Compliance Systems (QCS)

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate and it has shown that businesses can adapt to flexible working. Therefore, the...

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19th December 2017

How Can You Attract And Retain Migrant Workers In Uncertain Times?

Neil Eastwood Author and Recruitment Specialist

In many countries and parts of the UK such as London, where over 50% of frontline care workers are made up...

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15th November 2017

Got a University Training Student Nurses Nearby? Your Luck May Be In.

Neil Eastwood Author and Recruitment Specialist

Many care employers are divided on whether students make good workers or not. As with most things, the answer is...

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13th November 2017

Good Leavers = Best New Staff?

Neil Eastwood Author and Recruitment Specialist

Did you know some of your best new staff could be those that have already worked for you? Wouldn’t it be...

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04th September 2017

What secrets can you discover by measuring your recruitment vital signs?

Neil Eastwood Author and Recruitment Specialist

Before taking my first job in social care, I worked in healthcare. One of the big shocks of making the...

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21st August 2017

Is your application process leaking applicants without you knowing?

Neil Eastwood Author and Recruitment Specialist

As you will appreciate, life is tough out there for social care recruiters these days. A lot of time and...

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18th August 2017

General practice leases – are there real risks involved for practices in the face of a new lease?

Leah Biller General Practice Specialist

The most recent tranche of NHS England ETTF (Estates Technology and Transformation Fund) has been the enabler of a number...

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10th August 2017

What marketing can teach us about recruiting care workers

Neil Eastwood Author and Recruitment Specialist

The powerbase in social care recruitment has changed. Nowadays candidates are spoilt for choice, not just with care providers clamouring...

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03rd August 2017

Are you clear on what your ideal care worker looks like? Here’s why you should be

Neil Eastwood Author and Recruitment Specialist

Many care recruiters measure their performance by the volume of applications they receive or whether they have filled all the...

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