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14th July 2022

CQC to start roll out of new regulatory approach from Jan 2023

The CQC has announced that all providers will be regulated against the new single assessment framework from January 2023.

Its new way of regulating will be rolled out from the new year, providers will have access to a CQC team and a new provider portal.

Countdown to new regulatory approach

The CQC has released a timeline to help providers understand the rollout.

August 2022

It will start to roll out new elements of the approach in phases. Groups of providers and CQC colleagues known as ‘early adopters,’ will help refine how the new process will work.

Initial early adopters will include a small number of prospective domiciliary care providers who are registering with the CQC for the first time. They will use the new online registration process. The new single assessment framework will be used to consider their application.

During this period, all other providers will continue to follow the current process.

From September

The adopter group will expand to include a small number of GP practices, independent providers and care homes.

The CQC has said it will continue to build features available to the different service types. This may include notifications for the Mental Health Act (SN17) and police, abuse and serious injury (SN18). Early adopter providers will also be able to amend their registration details.

It will add further provider types to the early adopter process in September with the aim of the new portal being available for all sectors by the end of the calendar year.

From October

The CQC will start conducting assessments using its new approach with an early adopter group from October.

It adds: ‘We will not rely on set piece inspections, scheduled based on a providers’ previous rating.’ It will be a continuous assessment process driven by the evidence received and collected.

From January 2023

The roll out for the new way of regulating begins. This means all providers will start to be regulated against the new single assessment framework. Providers will be in contact with the CQC team in their area and use a new provider portal.

How can QCS help you?

QCS is already in the process of planning how we will be able to support customers in time for the new process in January. We will also keep you updated with the latest information from the CQC.

Further information

CQC - What are we doing when

QCS is already in the process of planning how we will be able to support customers in time for the new process in January.

Watch our webinar on ‘What do we know about CQC changes and what will the impact be on your inspection’

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