FREE Webinar – Swallowing difficulties in social care – the risks and how to manage them

Dementia Care
May 18, 2023

We bring you a FREE webinar with Dysphagia Training Clinical Lead, Janne Schack, who will be discussing how swallowing can go wrong and what you can do to support someone with swallowing difficulties, Janne will also be answering your questions live!

Date: 25th May 

Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm


The discussion will cover:

  • Why dysphagia is a safeguarding issue
  • How using the IDDSI framework can help keep your service users safe
  • The role of the Speech and Language Therapist
  • The role of those who care for someone with dysphagia
  • Tips for helping someone whose eating and drinking is affected by dementia

More about the speakers:

Janne Schack, Speech and Language Therapist, Dysphagia Training Clinical Lead, Dorset Community Speech and Language Therapy (Adults)

Janne Schack has practised as a Speech and Language Therapist for over 15 years, in acute and community NHS Trusts in London and Dorset. Her specialist interest is dysphagia – difficulty eating, drinking or swallowing – in adults. She is Clinical Lead for Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust’s Dysphagia and Referrals Training (DART) team, which delivers training to care home carers and caterers, and many others caring for people who have – or may develop – dysphagia. The training is available in Dorset face-to-face and around the UK, and beyond, virtually. Janne is a member of the UK IDDSI reference group and the organising committee for the upcoming IDDSI Festival 21 September in Derby.



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