Policy Updates

Wales - Safeguarding - Learning Disability

Document Modified Date: 09/06/2020 12:51

DBS/Disclosure Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: WPR04

Policy updated with a new Procedural section in relation to ‘overseas criminal records checks’. Guidance to support this process has also been included in the References section.

Document Modified Date: 13/05/2020 17:40

Individuals with Communication Difficulties Policy and Procedure

Care Management Care Practice Region: | Reference: WCC31

This policy details how the service can manage the health and care of individuals with communication difficulties, to ensure their needs are met. It has been reviewed with no significant changes and references checked and updated.

Document Modified Date: 11/05/2020 16:47

Individual Personal Planning Policy and Procedure

Care Planning Risk Assessment & Care Planning Region: | Reference: WCP11

This policy outlines the personal planning process from pre-admission to regular quarterly reviews to ensure that the service is maintained for the individual. It has been reviewed, references have been updated and the policy now includes information under the ‘Procedure’ section about the pre-admission assessment and the impact on others of any potential admission, with specific reference to COVID-19.

Document Modified Date: 30/04/2020 13:49

Access to NHS Services Policy and Procedure

Care Management Rights & Abuse Region: | Reference: WCR01

A review of policy and conversion to the new QCS policy format. The procedure section has been extended to include the staff’s role in accessing NHS services.

Document Modified Date: 30/04/2020 13:49

Individual Guide

Administration Registration & Compliance Region: | Reference: WAR14

The Individual Guide has been fully revised and updated to reflect Data Protection, accessible information and additional information on complaints. A number of new custom fields have been included to ensure that the document is bespoke. QCS system details will need to be up to date to make sure that all of custom fields are fully reflected. Providers must read and adapt the Individual Guide where required, to ensure that it fully and accurately reflects their service.

Document Modified Date: 29/04/2020 12:12

Recruitment Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: WPR12

This policy outlines the recruitment process that should be adopted by the service and highlights this through a values-based approach. The policy has been updated to include a new procedural point on ‘remote interviews’ which staff should familiarise themselves with. A new further reading reference has also been included and all existing references reviewed to ensure they remain current.

Document Modified Date: 28/04/2020 10:14

Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments Policy and Procedure

Quality Assurance Management of Quality Assurance Region: | Reference: WQQ03

Policy reviewed and references updated. Policy now includes reference to Duty of Candour and the need to follow the regulation governing Duty of Candour.

Document Modified Date: 28/04/2020 09:55

Sex, Sexuality and Relationships Policy and Procedure

Care Management Rights & Abuse Region: | Reference: WCR32

This policy sets out to discuss how the organisation will support Service Users to maintain intimate relationships whilst ensuring sexual safety and the protection of adults who may be vulnerable to abuse. The policy has been reviewed with minor changes only and the lines of enquiry have been added to reflect compliance with Welsh regulations.

Document Modified Date: 16/04/2020 16:28

Restraint Policy and Procedure

Care Management Rights & Abuse Region: | Reference: WCR17

This policy will guide staff on care and support actions that can be viewed as restrictive and how to decide, record and review if these actions are necessary. During the coronavirus pandemic, there may be strategies implemented to keep people safe who are self-isolating and adhering to social distancing, which are restrictive. However, adhering to government advice is necessary. The policy has been reviewed in light of the coronavirus pandemic, with a procedural section, definitions and references added in relation to this. Existing references and links have been checked and remain current.

Document Modified Date: 14/04/2020 09:39

Accident and Incident Reporting Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Health & Safety Region: | Reference: WHS01

This policy has been reviewed and updated to reflect the new requirements relating to reporting certain incidents relating to COVID-19 as a RIDDOR.

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