Policy Updates

Document Modified Date: 20/03/2020 13:17

Behaviour that Challenges Policy and Procedure

Care Planning Service Commencement Region: | Reference: WCP33

This policy outlines how to approach behaviours that challenge and the de-escalation techniques that can be used. The title of the policy has also been updated from ‘Challenging Behaviour’ to ‘Behaviour that Challenges’ Policy and Procedure. A scheduled review has been undertaken of the policy to ensure it mirrors best practice and up-to-date theory and thinking about behaviours that may challenge. This policy has also been merged with the De-escalation Policy and Procedure, which is a fundamental strategy for supporting with behaviours that may challenge. The De-escalation Policy and Procedure has been archived. Additional references have been added to support staff and existing ones updated. Staff should familiarise themselves with all resources. Please note that the reference of this policy has changed from WCP05 to WCP33.

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