Policy Updates

Document Modified Date: 18/10/2019 13:00

Consultation and Treatment or Care Pathways Policy and Procedure

Clinical Governance Practice Management Region: | Reference: GCP01

The policy has been significantly expanded and focusses on aspects of clinical and care pathways in general practice to demonstrate their purpose, the need for standardisation of approach for many valid reasons and the many and varied benefits of clinical and care pathways. The policy contains an ongoing thread to remind the user that not all patients will fit into a pathway and pathways can never overrule clinical decision-making, because patients are individuals first and foremost and the recording of variances etc is a natural topic for clinical audit at practice level as well as within the multidisciplinary team. There are a number of new references although actual material on this subject tends to be more academic and concentrated on the design and evaluation of individual pathways for specific health conditions.

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