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Document Modified Date: 03/09/2019 16:55

Personal Relationships at Work Policy and Procedure

Clinical Governance Risk Management and Safeguarding Region: | Reference: GCR11

This policy has been merged with the Relationships at Work Policy and Procedure (GPM18) which has now been archived. The title of this policy has been changed from Professional Relationships Policy and Procedure to Professional Relationships at Work Policy and Procedure. The amalgamated policy is more appropriate and effective for general practice relationships and how they can affect both staff and patients as well as the service itself. While the policy is principally targeted at non-clinical staff members, there is a lot of content that refers to healthcare professionals and the issues that close personal relationships raise. Safeguarding is mentioned throughout the policy but not expanded as there is reference to safeguarding policies.

The range of personal relationships and the issues and even dangers that they can create in general practice are both significant and it is hoped that this policy, in its amalgamated format, will help to highlight what to do and what can happen as

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