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Document Modified Date: 27/08/2020 12:06

Visitors Policy and Procedure

Administration Business Operations Region: | Reference: SAR25

This policy details how visitors are accommodated within the service in normal circumstances. This policy has been reviewed during COVID-19, and an additional policy (Re-Opening to Visitors During COVID-19 Policy and Procedure) has been created to detail the temporary policy and procedure which reflects the visiting circumstances during COVID-19.

Document Modified Date: 27/08/2020 10:48

References Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: SPR23

All businesses will have staff turnover and will receive reference requests. It is important that reference requests are dealt with consistently and fairly, and that only the approved employees are able to provide them to ensure that no liability for discrimination is incurred if a reference request is dealt with inappropriately. Given the sector, employers are also required to ensure that all individuals are of good character. The policy has been reviewed and amendments made to the purpose, policy, procedure, and a new form is included.

Document Modified Date: 27/08/2020 10:11

Agency Staff Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Contract of Employment Region: | Reference: SPC18

This policy will support staff with the process of dealing with agency staff and outlines their responsibilities when inducting agency staff.

Document Modified Date: 27/08/2020 09:56

Supporting Independence with Shopping Policy and Procedure

Care Management Care Practice Region: | Reference: SCC28

This policy will help staff to introduce measures to help service users maintain independence and shop.

Document Modified Date: 25/08/2020 18:48

Financial Transaction Audit

Quality Assurance Quality Audit Tools Region: | Reference: SQQ73

A new Financial Transaction Audit for addition to your suite of Quality Audits.

Document Modified Date: 24/08/2020 14:44

Legionella Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Residential Services Region: | Reference: SME02

This policy will inform staff on Legionella. Whilst it is not known to transfer from person to person, nonetheless can have an impact on business operations in that resources are diverted to the risk at hand. Staff who get legionella impact the business due to their unavailability. From a customer/resident relationship is the blame culture in which the client has a duty of care.

Document Modified Date: 21/08/2020 18:42

Media Handling Policy and Procedure

Administration Communications Region: | Reference: SAC24

New: This is a new policy. COVID-19 has raised the profile of social care within the media. This policy and procedure will support and protect the business in the event of a media enquiry and ensure that staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities. There are 3 fact sheets available in the Resource Centre that support this policy. Please note that a new section has been added to your system details requiring you to state the name of the person in your business responsible for managing media enquiries. Please update your system details to ensure that the information contained within the policy reflects your service.

Document Modified Date: 20/08/2020 14:59

Driving for Work Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Health & Safety Region: | Reference: SHS12

This policy will support staff with driving vehicles and covers driving service users, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. It has been reviewed with an additional procedure point added around driving with service users during the pandemic, a new reference was also added.

Document Modified Date: 19/08/2020 12:16

Maintenance Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Residential Services Region: | Reference: SMB03

This policy details the maintenance procedures for a service to follow. It has been reviewed and the procedure updated to reflect “Hot works” and “Permit to Works” with additional bits of information. There is also reference to working safely, barriers and locking off areas, making the area safe, cleaning up and removing tools after completion or away from the work. A Permit to Work template has also been provided in the Forms section.

Document Modified Date: 18/08/2020 18:38

Respiration Observation Policy and Procedure

COVID-19 Hub Health and Safety COVID-19 Region: | Reference: SCC112

New policy – As part of the COVID-19 pandemic response, care workers may be required to carry out clinical observations of service users where they have suspected COVID-19 symptoms, have been discharged with COVID-19 symptoms or need to be cared for within their home. This policy outlines how people using services will be supported when they require monitoring of their respiratory rate. The procedure details what staff must do to comply with what is usually a delegated nursing activity.

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